• Develop a customer sign up form for a Natrad 3 year warranty on adrad parts installed by third party installers
  • Form submissions to be placed in a processing que for approval by an administrator prior to warranty activation
  • Develop a custom dashboard and approval system for administrators
  • Process approved applications, merge new warranties into existing warranty database and email or SMS the applicant their new warranty details
  • Set up 12 monthly service reminders on the new part inline with the 3 year warranty terms
Design & Development:

Create a forward facing form to capture warranty information for anyone who has purchased an Adrad radiator from a third-party installer (not a Natrad franchise).

To prevent any spam form submissions from entering the main warranty system all form submissions are stored in a temporary holding area awaiting human processing.
This allows the administrator to check if the submission is valid as well as confirm any other information with the customer before approval

An additional requirement was to match the new warranty holder with their closest Natrad franchise, to do this we use a Google location autocomplete on the main form to determine where the part was installed and display this information on a Google map within the approval page of the administrator dashboard.
This allows the administrator to easily locate the nearest franchise and assign the new customer during the approval stage.

  • Forward facing sign-up form with Google location, custom validation and CAPTCHA
  • Holding area for form submission processing by an administrator
  • Custom approval system and warranty to franchise linking
  • Warranty card & PIN number generator
  • Submission reports based on number submitted, approved, denied and total by state.
Project Time Frame :

1 Week. Sole developer

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