• Create an all new system housing a range of individual applications in one location
  • Single sign-in to access all applications
  • Develop a customer loyalty application featuring a front-end for customers and a backend for Natrad head office as well as Natrad franchises
  • Re-design and develop an existing 3 year warranty application
  • Migrate an existing marketing application into the new system
  • Migrate an existing part warranty processing application into the new system
  • Transfer existing database records into the new system
Design & Development:

A custom framework was created allowing each application to act in a similar manner to a plugin.
The framework consists of PHP classes largely focused on CRUD operations and other common tasks such as security and session handling.
This framework was named ‘Natrad Systems’.

Each application within the system can easily access a single library of classes using PSR-4 Autoloader standards.
This ensures all applications can be updated easily and future development cycle times are reduced.

  • Internal latest news posts
  • Remote mail server connectivity
  • Custom internal & External emailing system
  • Customer data tracking
  • Customer messaging via SMS or email
  • Franchise customer reporting
  • Admin reporting with store and date filtering
  • Sales tracking
  • 3 year warranty system with reminders and service history tracking
  • Automated customer reminder system via SMS or email messaging
  • Editable messaging templates with rich text editor and custom tagging system
  • Scheduled SMS, email or post marketing campaign system with national, state or store targeting
  • Marketing statistics and potential targets reached data tracking and reporting
  • Loyalty System with unlimited customisable loyalty programs and discount rates
  • Discount voucher creator and tracking system
  • Loyalty portal site for member access (Customer login)
  • Custom content creator for loyalty portal site – Each franchise can customise their own loyalty portal
  • Admin override system for loyalty portal content creator – Make sure franchises are posting correct content
  • Franchise newsletter to all subscribed members
  • Member to store messaging system with admin ‘Reasonable Response Time’ settings, tracking, notifications & message history
  • Single click ‘Request a service’ for loyalty members with a current 3 year warranty
  • Mobile responsive
Project Time Frame :

6 months. Sole developer

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