• Develop a new & updated version of an existing website
  • Give employees a way to manage website content in an easy to use manner
  • Build an extensive online customs enquiry form with strict formatting rules and seemless Office365 integration
  • Custom notification tools for tracking potential customers
  • New web hosting required
Design & Development:

The Smith Channon website required an easy to use layout while also providing valuable documentation and custom contacting options for potential and existing clients.

The decision to build upon the Concrete5 CMS was made mainly due to it’s drag-and-drop management system which would allow various Smith Channon employees to make changes to the website with minimal training and very little learning curve.

The ability to add sensitive documentation to a public website required a custom access module to be developed where documents can only be accessed upon invitation or personal login.

  • Ease of use for administrators
  • Advanced lead notifications
  • Custom built secure document library
  • Mobile responsive
Project Time Frame :

6 Weeks. Sole developer

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